Testimonial by Barry E. Schapiro, M.D.

Testimonial by Barry E. Schapiro, M.D.

May 14, 2024

Testimonial on Hunched by Barry E. Schapiro, M.D., Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon, of Acme Spine & Orthopedics

Barry E. Schapiro, M.D.

As an orthopedic surgeon with over 2 decades of clinical experience in managing patients with chronic neck pain and cervical spine degenerative disc disease, I wholeheartedly offer my endorsement for the novel smartphone application, Hunched. In my orthopedic practice, I have witnessed firsthand the transformative impact this innovative tool has had on my patients' lives.

Hunched represents a paradigm shift in the management and prevention of neck pain and cervical spine conditions. Its ability to monitor and correct postural abnormalities in real-time is a huge help for patients with chronic neck pain and muscular fatigue. Posture plays a pivotal role in the development and exacerbation of neck pain, cervical facet arthritis, and degenerative disc disease, yet it is often overlooked in traditional treatment approaches. Hunched addresses this gap by providing users with personalized feedback and exercises aimed at optimizing posture and alleviating discomfort.

What sets Hunched apart is its integration of cutting-edge technology with evidence- based principles of orthopedic care. The app leverages the advanced sensors of your smartphone to accurately assess posture and movement patterns, allowing for precise feedback tailored to the user’s individual needs. Additionally, Hunched's emphasis on education empowers patients to take an active role in their care, fostering long-term adherence to corrective strategies to improve posture and prevent the need for comprehensive and sometimes invasive or painful treatments.

In my practice, I have observed significant improvements in patient outcomes since incorporating Hunched into my treatment protocols. Patients report reduced pain levels, improved mobility, and enhanced quality of life as a result of using the app regularly. Hunched has proven to be a valuable tool for patient engagement, facilitating meaningful discussions about posture and self-care practices during clinic visits.

I am convinced that Hunched has the potential to revolutionize the way we approach the management of neck pain and cervical spine degenerative disc disease. Its innovative features, coupled with its user-friendly interface, make it an extremely valuable resource for both patients and healthcare providers alike. I wholeheartedly endorse Hunched and its mission to empower individuals to take control of their spinal health.

Thank you for your commitment to advancing orthopedic care through technology, and I look forward to continued collaboration in promoting the widespread adoption of Hunched within the medical community.