Your Text Neck Solution

The Posture Guardian for Your Digital Well-being
By: Dr. Dean Fishman, D.C.

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Our Features

Real-Time Posture Monitoring

Seamlessly integrated with your smartphone, our app provides continuous monitoring, offering gentle nudges to improve your posture moment-by-moment.

Habit Formation Tools

Cultivate healthy posture habits with our streak tracking feature, encouraging consistency and rewarding you for maintaining good posture throughout your day.

Posture Insights Dashboard

Dive into personalized reports detailing your posture habits, providing insights and recommendations for targeted improvements and sustained health.

Exercise Recommendations

Receive exercises designed to strengthen your posture muscles and alleviate tension, just like having a physiotherapist in your pocket.

Posture Journey Mapping

Our history feature visualizes your posture improvement journey, inspiring continued commitment to spinal health with reflective and celebratory tracking.

User-Centric Design

Experience a user-friendly interface that makes managing your spinal health as simple as checking a message, all while enjoying a seamlessly integrated digital wellness tool.

About us

At Hunched, we’re on a mission to safeguard your digital wellbeing. As your dedicated posture guardian, our app integrates seamlessly with your smartphone lifestyle, offering real-time posture coaching. We celebrate the incremental victories towards a healthier spine, providing intuitive reports, streak tracking for consistency, and exercises for those times you need a little extra care. Journey with us towards improved health as we turn every glance at your phone into a step towards better posture. Hunched is more than an app; it's a companion in your pursuit of a pain-free, upright life in our digital world.

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Testimonial by Barry E. Schapiro, M.D.

"As an orthopedic surgeon with over 2 decades of clinical experience... I wholeheartedly offer my endorsement for the novel smartphone application, Hunched. In my orthopedic practice, I have witnessed firsthand the transformative impact this innovative tool has had on my patients' lives... Hunched represents a paradigm shift in the management and prevention of neck pain and cervical spine conditions. Its ability to monitor and correct postural abnormalities in real-time is a huge help for patients with chronic neck pain and muscular fatigue... Patients report reduced pain levels, improved mobility, and enhanced quality of life as a result of using the app regularly... I am convinced that Hunched has the potential to revolutionize the way we approach the management of neck pain and cervical spine degenerative disc disease... I wholeheartedly endorse Hunched and its mission to empower individuals to take control of their spinal health."

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